How to wall mount your TV

  • Purchase the correct bracket for the model, size and weight of your TV, including tilt, swivel, extend and turn features if required 

  • Choose the appropriate fasteners based on your wall type (plasterboard and stud wall or brick) 

  • If your wall is made of plasterboard or gyprock then use a stud finder so your bracket is installed on the studs only 

  • Determine how high the TV is to be mounted and mark this on the wall 

  • On the back of the TV measure the distance from the top of the TV to one of the top screw holes on the bracket 

  • Measure from your earlier mark on the wall to now place the mark for the brackets first screw hole 

  • Drill the first screw in but leave it loose, don't fasten it tight yet 

  • Using a spirit level attached to the bracket, now mark the second top screw hole which is level with the first one (on another stud if it's a gyprock wall) 

  • Now drill the second screw in, it can now be fastened tightly (using the screwdriver) along with the first screw, ensuring the bracket remains level 

  • Now the 2 bottom screws can be drilled and fastened tightly (using the screwdriver)  

  • Now that the wall mount is in place, screw the detached bracket to the back of the TV. 

  • Lift the TV, hook and attach the bracket to the wall mount (get help with this for larger TV's) 



  • Power drill and drill bits 

  • Philips head screwdriver  

  • Stud finder 

  • Spirit level 

  • Measuring tape 

  • Pencil 

  • Socket set 

  • Vacuum cleaner 


  • Wall mounting bracket 

  • Brick, gyprock or stud fasteners 

  • Cable hiding channel 


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