How to repair a hole in a gyprock wall

  1. Cut out square or rectangular section and brush out all debris 

  2. Measure and cut slightly smaller size of new plasterboard to fit hole 

  3. Use adhesive or screws to attach a backing piece if needed 

  4. Use adhesive or screws to attach new plasterboard 

  5. Apply compound to gaps and surround 

  6. Apply paper tape over the compound covering the gaps 

  7. Apply compound over the taped areas, allow to dry 

  8. Lightly sand back then apply another light coat of compound feathered out to 250mm, allow to dry 

  9. Use the broad knife to lightly scrape off any large pieces, lightly sand and then apply topping compound allow to dry for 24 hours 

  10. Lightly sand back, now ready for repaint 



  • Sand paper 

  • Dust mask 

  • Stanley knife 

  • Narrow scraper 

  • Broad knife 

  • Mixing tray/bucket 

  • Long spirit level 

  • Table 

  • Handsaw 

  • Clamps 

  • Cardboard 

  • Heat gun or hair dryer 

  • Paper tape 

  • Newspaper 

  • Vacuum cleaner 

  • Cleaning rags 


  • Replacement plasterboard 

  • Backing timber 

  • Plasterboard joint filler compound (Gyprock CSR Rapid Patch Filler)

  • Plasterboard screws 

  • Adhesive (Selley's No More Nails) 

  • Plasterboard final coat compound (Gyprock CSR Ultra Topping Compound)


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